Friday, March 14, 2014

Little Black REAL LEATHER Dress!

If you don't know me, I have to tell you that I love eBay!!!!!!!! I love to hunt for deals, I love to win things(sorry if I stole your item at the last second!) I plan on doing a piece for Steals and Deals about winning on ebay.

But back to the topic at hand...... the BLACK LEATHER DRESS!!!! 

My word, my land of living, oh mylanta..... I wanted a black leather dress sooooo badly. I finally decided to take the plunge, but not just any ordinary go to the store and pick out a leather dress plunge, no siree, or mamree...

I went to of all places eBay!
There are, believe it or not a lot of custom tailors on eBay. I first ordered a custom made leather briefcase for my father's birthday. It came out fabulous so when I decided to splurge on my dress, of course I decided that custom was the way to go!

This is a picture of the dress I picked

I decided that I needed long sleeves because I am always cold until it is 80 degrees or higher. Seeing as though I am in the northeast, it's not going to be 80 anytime soon. I have an event in March so I decided to dive in. I had my measurements taken locally by a professional and I emailed them to the tailor. Two weeks later..... Taadaa.... My black leather dress with sleeves.

I will Post Picks of me in the dress on the 29th of this month when I am on my way to the event.
I don't think I will look as hot as the mannequin though!

My honest opinion: The leather could have been of a better quality. It is real cow leather, not lambskin which would have been better for a dress; not as stiff, smoother, shinier and more form fitting. I own lamb and this is no lamb. The ad stated lambskin.

Should I have sent it back for that reason, NO, Should I have asked for a discount or partial refund for the cost difference between regular cow and lambskin, YES! Did I, yes, trust me,I don't let myself get taken. 

The neck line is a little odd fitting, had it been traditional neck line probably would have been fine, but this is a fancy neck and it probably required an in house fitting.

Would I order a custom dress online again? Probably. I'm a maverick!LOL!

All in all I really like the dress, they can't help it if I don't have all the curves that darn mannequin has. It cost a fraction of what it would have cost in a store: $169.00 shipping included from India.
Don't wanna hear about made in the USA, look at the label on your clothes before you chide me. I buy plenty of made in the USA. I can be exotic every now and then.

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