Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I did it again..Leather Skinny Pants

 Leather Leggings Skinny Pants

I did it again.....Last time i ordered a custom leather dress off of the internet. It was a minor fail, but I did say I would try it again.. I know I still owe pictures. My hair is full of conditioner and i figure I will post the dress pics when I post these pics. 

What pics you ask? The ones of me in my new leather skinny's. I can't wait. Well, I have to wait, but I am almost falling off my bed with anticipation. 

These are not custom made. I did send in my measurements but they told me that I would probably fit the size 6 perfectly so I am giving them a try and if they don't fit then the seller will do the customized pants for me. 

Last time my dress was from India, this time it is from Pennsylvania. Better? Made in the USA so now you won't have to stone me. 

The pants are perported to be lamb again. The picture looks like lamb. Here is the picture in the ad

We shall see....

I have this cute lace sweatshirt from The Loft that I was going to wear with them 
but that is not set in stone.

So, when I post the pants pictures I will also post the very overdue dress pictures. 

Me and my hubby are going to the Bad Boy Reunion Concert and I plan to wear my leather pants. Leather pants were big then and they are back now...Look at that!

I hope they fit well I am so excited. And no I did not pay $1000 for J brand or Helmut Lang or the J Crew Collection Leather Skinny Pants, and I hope I won't be singing the you get what you pay for blues....

I will let you know what they cost, where to get them and those darn pictures when I do my update... I am soooooo excited! Oh, I already said that didn't I?

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